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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

unknown mower


Can anybody help with identifying the mower below thanks


mikehpw1 Thu, 17/12/2020


well I've finally got round to the Webb Patent. It's a 14 inch and I believe 1930, one of the earlier models. I considered just a clean up and oil to leave it in its original condition, however as you can see it's a little past that and badly seized up around really. It also has a broken thrower plate. On this point if you should ever set to yourselves removing this plate be aware, unlike other movable items that probably  got adjusted reasonably regularly this plate I suspect never moved since it was built. It's also deceptive in that it appears to incorporate two large special nuts on either side of the plate. After an hour and a half of coaxing it turns out that these nuts are not nuts at all rather bushes that were rusted into the plate on on their outer surface and to a cross rod on their inner surface making a 90 year old permanent seal. The rest dismantled quite easily with only one sheared bolt! Pics below for those interested and I'll try to remember to take some more on the way through. By the way, Clive, you mentioned an oil bath, whilst it seems to have all the features of an early model I think it might be later as all the drive bearings are greased ball bearings. If anybody has a box for this I would appreciate a paper tracing of the side panel. 

Clive1997 Thu, 17/12/2020

HI Mike

Progressing well, does appear to be the earlier type around 1930 with the central height adjuster, I do have a box with mine, its pictured in my 2015 article in Grassbox No.91, an all metal box. Can certainly provide dimensions etc although mines a 10in so would have to scale up. the ad's from 1930-33 did state oil bath.

After changing to the side adjusters they then moved on to call it the De-luxe around 1935/6, now gear driven with grooved rear roller, plus the box lost its rather neat cut out handles.


mikehpw1 Fri, 18/12/2020

no, defo grease Clive, nipples on all the shafts. I'm going to guess the box would be the same end profile no matter the width. I would have thought they would be wooden sides, I'll make mine of timber anyway. Cheeky I know but if I email my address could you trace the side panel and send together with a pic of fixing bracket area. No rush though. Here's a pic of thrower, I don't want to weld it, it'll finish up twisted all over the place I've a few ideas but if anybody has successfully carried out a similar repair I'd like to hear their method.

Clive1997 Fri, 18/12/2020

Hi Mike

No problem will do template etc after the holiday as at another site until then, the Ad's in the early 1930's did state 'Grease Gun Lubrication & Chain Drive Oil Bath', so assume a combination of both, although the oil bath would only need to be shallow/low capacity for the lower part of chain to be oiled. 

How about some strong glue which should be fine if the mower is going to be for display?

wristpin Fri, 18/12/2020

Should weld ok in the right hands. Preheat, right rods and controlled cooling. Had a similar cast throw plate done by a local specialist with no issue .  

mikehpw1 Sun, 20/12/2020


My humble apologies Clive, started prep on patent yesterday and there it was, a sealed shallow  oil tray in bottom of chain/ sprocket cover with a rust concealed filler hole!! Lesson to newbies like me, don't question the expert!!  I'll send email for that tracing very good of you no rush. Have the best Christmas you're able to cheers

mikehpw1 Wed, 30/12/2020

Well, until I get the Aspera on the Landmaster sorted Im back to the Webb patent. I repaired the throw plate with an amazing product I've not seen before, Pegatanke. I champhered both sides of plate and gummed up one side first then  drilled holes through and gummed up other side so creating ' rivets' through, clean up and paint, simples. Pics below. I'm now ready to assemble once paint has cured.