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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb AB1476

I have a little project in mind to convert this cylinder mower to a verticutter mower. I have seen this second hand mower cheap at my local lawnmower shop and my question is are they reliable and well built.





wristpin Mon, 29/05/2017

One of the last Webbs that were not a just a re-badged Atco or latterly  "made in China" with a Webb label.

The Briggs engine is reliable enough and an industry standard.The chassis  is reasonably strong but as you will probably be removing the bottom blade carrier to accommodate your verticutter unit you may need to replace it with a repositioned cross member .

Edda Tue, 30/05/2017

Thanks for your knowledge on this mower and you are probably correct about the cross member. Would any of the members have a copy of the Mower Operating manual?

Also I might look at altering the height adjustment similar to a Ransomes any idea's would be welcome.