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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Wheels & Carriages

This subject was touched on recently and has had brief mentions before, perhaps time to give a bit more history for those interested....

Many mower manufacturers sold carriages  for transporting lawn mowers to make life easier and avoid damage to the machines when moving across hard surfaces.

Certainly Atco, Greens, JP, Ransomes & Webb transporting wheels or carriages have been seen.

Thomas Green & son patented their 'Lawn Mower Carrier' in 1894 with one shown in the image that could take an 18in to 24in mower, (1870's 20in Silens Messor pictured) the wheels being cast & fairly small would perhaps only be of assistance on extremely flat hard surfaces, they did probably use them also for moving mowers around in the factory. 

Ransomes advertised their carriages in the 1890's, as with Greens even accommodating an 8in mower

Atco patented carrier wheels for the Standard in 1928, a pair to fit a 14in mower shown below

The Webb wheels seen fitted to the Witch & Deluxe have always amused me as for many the mower can be carried in one hand! The wheels could remain attached to the mower when cutting, & simply hinged down when crossing the drive, paths etc

In more recent years fine turf mowers like the Certes had the option of wheels to prevent damage to the aluminium roller when moving over hard surfaces.

I hope the above is of interest, carrier wheels are not that common & yet another item the serious collector can add to their collection, & also make life easier when moving your mower.


Edda Fri, 30/07/2021


I got a hold of the the original drawing for the Ransomes Certes carriages, I converted them to CAD and manufactured 3 from stainless steel, 2 for my 14 inch models and 1 for my 16 inch model. Its surprising how well the Certes is balanced when its in the carriage.

Clive1997 Fri, 30/07/2021

Hi Geoff

That sounds great, excellent job, carrier wheels certainly make moving mowers safer & easier.

I have a large set of Ransomes wheels at the moment that take a 24in & in the past a 22in Atco set, amazing how easy it is to move the large mowers around & to get them on/off the carriers.

RansomesRob Fri, 30/07/2021

Interesting to see them Clive and as you say, not that common, well, I have not seen any for sale on the Bay of E.

 JP Carrier as pictured.



Clive1997 Sun, 08/08/2021

Hi Rob


This is the JP carrier

RansomesRob Sun, 08/08/2021

Looks good Clive, if my mowers were any heavier I think I would invest in a set!