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Atco Balmoral 20s Model indentification

Afternoon all. I need to buy a new set of belts for my Balmoral 20s (cylinder and roller). I am struggling to find the exact model number as there appears to be a couple of different roller drive belts available and I don't want to buy the wrong one. I can't see a model plate anywhere on the mower - I have taken the side covers off and all sorts! To give you clue possibly, it has plastic side covers, a plastic fuel tank and interchangeable cassette type cylinder.

Any help welcomed!

Thanks in advance.



AndyF Thu, 16/07/2020

Thanks for the reply. Sorry - I was expecting some clues perhaps as to where the model plate might be rather than visual identification! Anyway, here's some pictures. Have shown one of the throttle, plus a few of the mower. As you can see I have the side plate and pulleys off at the moment ready to fit new belts, but I can't find a model plate anywhere!

wristpin Fri, 17/07/2020

How do these compare with what you have found?

F016A58728 for the roller drive

F016A57941 for the cutter drive 

As far as the ID plate goes I would have expected an adhesive  black and silver tin foil one on the rear of the chassis . Perhaps there is one under the cover over the shaft from the engine to the belt case.