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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Rally 2022: Auction

Time: the auction will be held no sooner than 11am on Sunday 22 May as part of the Annual Rally. We say "no sooner than" to give us some flexibility to delay the start for a while if members are any hold-ups or there are other jobs that need doing on the day.

Entries: you can submit entries in three ways:

  • complete the online entry form.    
  • multiple entries by completing the printable form: a quick way to send information about multiple entries. Post the form or send it as an email attachment. 
  • submit entries by email: include brief details of the machine (one line or a few words) and any reserve price (we will assume a reserve of zero unless you state otherwise).

Entries can only be accepted from current members of the Club.

Entries cannot - and will not - be accepted on the day of the auction.

Commissions: we charge a small commission based on the hammer price (ie the highest bit accepted by the auctioneer). These are 5% to the seller and 5% to the buyer. For example, if a mower sells for £100 we would pay the seller £95 (£100 - £5) and also ask the buyer to pay £105 (£100 + £5). The total commissions collected are donated to the Museum. In previous years the amount donated has ranged from £100 to £200.

Payment: you should pay for any lots purchased in the museum's hall of transport. Please wait for 30 minutes after the auction has finished before attempting to pay (this allows time for the organisers to complete the paperwork and calculate all the prices etc). Ideally you should pay for any lots purchased in cash as this helps us greatly when paying the sellers. However, we can also accept electronic payment with our card reader.

Collection: all auction lots must be removed from the Museum site on the day of the auction.