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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Rally: Auction Entry



Milton Keynes Museum

Sunday 22 May 11am


1:     Bids can only be accepted from members of The Old Lawnmower Club.
2:     Entries must be made at least one week before the auction to allow a list of items to be prepared.
3:     Items entered for sale must be brought to the rally. Entries withdrawn after the closing date (eg during the rally weekend) will incur a penalty of £5.
4:     There will be a 5% seller’s premium and a 5% buyer’s premium which will be retained as a donation to club funds.
5:     A final bid of £5 or under on any item will be regarded as a donation to club funds.
6:     Unsold items must be removed by the seller by 5pm on the day of the sale. Buyers must remove items by the same time.
7:     All statements by members of the committee concerning the description or condition of any lot are statements of opinion and are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. Any intending buyer must satisfy himself by inspection as to the true nature of the lot.
8:     While the committee will make every effort to safeguard items left for sale they do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any item while it is in their custody.
9:     The conduct of the auction and the resolution of any disputes which may arise are solely at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Enter details of entries in the form below. You can enter as many items as you like.

For technical reasons you will need to submit a new entry for each separate item. If you have multiple entries and would prefer, please complete and send one of the normal entry forms by post or email.

Entries must be submitted at least one week before the auction and cannot be accepted during the Annual Rally weekend.

Please include your name. This is to help us organise the lots but it not disclosed to buyers during the auction.
Please confirm that you are a full member of the Old Lawnmower Club. Only full members can enter items to the auction.
Please enter your club membership number, if known.
A very brief description of the item. For mowers, please include the name of the maker, the model, its size, and whether a grass box is included.
Please enter a reserve value for your item. If you enter 0 there will be no reserve.
Please confirm that you accept the terms and conditions at the top of this form/page.