Member's Atco Standard Restoration Project

One of our newer members Roy Werrett has been posting a blog about the restoration of a 1920s Atco Motor Mower. This, of course, is the mower that enthusiasts generally refer to as The Atco Standard. There's lots of good information and useful tips that will surely help many people contemplating tackling their own machines. Roy's taken a very throrough approach to the restoration and his work goes well beyond what many pursists might consider necessary. But that's the beauty of collecting mowers - there's room for all tastes and preferences. By the look of the blog the work will be completed soon and we await images of the assembled machine.

Saving Old Machines Is Good Reason To Collect

Most people start collecting mowers because they don't like to see engineering heritage thrown away, according to our most recent visitor survey. That's probably no surprise to anyone who collects any type of old machinery. One third of participants said that this was their main reason for starting to collect mowers.  A further 25 per cent said it was because they were given an old mower by a friend or family member. Relatively few claimed their interest stemmed from it being an inexpensive hobby or because they had limited space. This might reflect a change in attitudes since our club was formed.

What First Started Your Interest In Old Lawn Mowers?

Keeping a mower given by a friend or family member.
23% (46 votes)
Interest in preservation of old garden machinery.
19% (38 votes)
Enjoy preserving old machines but no space for larger items.
8% (16 votes)
Do not like to see engineering heritage thrown into a skip.
33% (66 votes)
Mowers are relatively inexpensive to collect.
7% (14 votes)
None of the above.
11% (22 votes)
Total votes: 202

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  • Reel Size Really Isn't Everything

    Not surprisingly perhaps, our last survey showed that most collectors have average sized mowers in their collections. The majority of people taking part said the largest machine they have is between 13" and 24" wide, which is the range where most walk-behind motor mowers sit. Only the brave (or perhaps those with wider gates) can usually add machines over 36" wide to their collections.

    Collectors Start Young

    Our most recent visitor survey suggests that the most popular time to start collecting is while still at school. Of the 198 collectors who voted, 50 started while at school but only eight obtained their first old lawn mower when nearing or during retirement. Of course the figures may be slightly skewed because this is a relatively new hobby and many collectors would have left school years before it became popular. 


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