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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Harry rotary mower

Does anyone recognise this make of mower? It has an aluminium body and a 5hp Briggs engine and the only name on it is HARRY cast into the body.


wristpin Sun, 22/08/2021

For once Clive is wide of the mark!

Harrys were made in Italy and were  distributed by EP Barrus of Bicester as Lawnflites.  Latterly by Irish Farm and Garden from Dublin , aka FGM Claymore of Bedford on Avon.

I sold dozens of them.

Looks like it’s been modified for gassing moles or rodents.

Clive1997 Mon, 23/08/2021

Sorry about that Angus did only get a low grade for my CSE in geography, or was I thinking of Arry! good to have you covering the rear (:

philip-s Mon, 23/08/2021

Thanks, yes someone else suggested it was for gassing moles. Any idea of the mower's age as it has a cast aluminium body, unlike the thin iron of modern mowers. I wonder who came up with the name Harry.

wristpin Mon, 23/08/2021

Quality machines tended to have cast alloy decks as they were more resistant to corrosion than pressed steel but in rough use could be damaged from impact. Some machines intended for commercial use have a steel liner within the alloy shell.

The Italian manufacturing company was originally called SIAG which, I’m guessing , were the initials of a four word company name, as in FIAT. Later it was known as Harry SPA.

As far as dating goes. In the absence of any Harry identification plate your best bet is the Briggs and Stratton engine Model, Type And Code Numbers embossed into the engine cowling - probably above the spark plug. The Code Number is the date of manufacturer, the first two digits being the year. Assuming that the engine is the original, it’s fairly safe to assume that it was fitted within six months.

Edited  to correct senior moment. Perhaps no one noticed!

hortimech Mon, 23/08/2021

Wasn't there a problem over the later HARRY mowers ? FMG not actually owning the name or the right to use the name ?

PS, what are 'who digits' ?


wristpin Mon, 23/08/2021

I meant Two and you meant FGM !!

Not aware of an issue over the ownership of the Harry name but unless it was a Hayter or a Mountfield one would sometimes struggle with a potential buyer.