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Dating an Atco Deluxe 14

Hello, I have a Atco Deluxe 14" mower. How do I date it? There is a tag with B23. The Engine # A8929 / 1 . The backslash is not clear. The fuel tank has a plastic fuel tap.

I am taking it to a British Car club show at the weekend at Fort Langley. British Columbia, Canada and would like to give it a date.



Superscavenge Tue, 17/04/2018

The picture of the mower on the parts list brochure shows the same mower as mine. I will take some photos tonight and post.


wristpin Tue, 17/04/2018

I don’t recollect Atco making much reference to serial numbers other than on Service Bulletins  when defining  when modifications were required or there was a minor design change.

Supergrass Wed, 18/04/2018

I have a 12" atco deluxe with a small number tag on the body.It was partly hidden and not seen until the engine was removed because it is  painted green like the whole mower.I am guessing it to be a cheeper version of the brass tag witch was on the side of the older machines.mine is stamped A12 1267

Superscavenge Fri, 20/04/2018

Sound like yours was built in 1967. Mine only has B23 stamped on the tag, which is located on the deck under the engine cowling.