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Dating an ATCO deluxe

Dear all

There is some very helpful information on this site which indicates this an early Deluxe model, but I wonder if anyone with a keen knowledge of design changes could help pinpoint the year of manufacture please? It is a 14 inch model with handle start, cylindrical toolbox and enclosed engine cowling. The front roller is metal not wood. The engine bears the number BX1129.

Many thanks




olcadmin Thu, 20/09/2018

The list I have here suggests 1931-33 for a 14" model with a Villiers 150cc with BX serial number prefix.

Clive1997 Fri, 21/09/2018

Interesting, I have the same model with the vertical tool box, not seen many of these about, my feelings are that they followed the 'Tank in box' model introduced after the Standard in around 1931. I have 1935 literature showing the vertical tool box on 14,16,20 & 24in sizes, the same literature has the new 14in Lightweight with the plunger start, although all deluxe's retained the handle start. By 1937 the central kickstart was seen on models up to 20in.

Below is an interesting piece from 1935 showing the above mower & stating that 50% of 1921 Standards were still in use ! I wonder if all the 'Oval Frame' castings were still intact!