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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Pennsylvania roller type push mower questions

I was given a Pennsylvania push mower with grass catcher and alum drum rollers from a good friend about twenty years ago. I just dug it out of the barn and was wondering how old , rarity, and any other info about it. I know the history of this mower since new. It may be a good time for it to find a new home where it would be appreciated more.


olcadmin Wed, 13/03/2019

Does it look something like this?

whatwas Thu, 14/03/2019

Hi, Yes it does. I was trying to post a picture but gave up (not very tech savvy) the front rollers look abit different and this one has a cast badge or connector where the "T" handle join the handle post., plus this one has a clippings catcher. The gentleman that used it back in the day said he cut the greens on a small 9 hole private golf course than when they bought a power greens mower he took it home and maintained a practice putting green on his front yard. Do you have any idea on age?

Thank you for the reply