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1952 atco light

Hi buddies I have inherited a 1952 Atco light 17” cut mower, but boot it needs a FULL restoration! At the moment I am trying to source a new spark plug for it, champion 8com but up till now no success Any ideas on good Atco spares dealers? 

UTC Mon, 20/06/2022

You asked about the Champion 8 COM spark plug for your Atco Lightweight.

I have one of these fitted to my Lightweight; here are a couple of pictures.

As you can see, it’s an 18mm dismantlable plug with one electrode. I can imagine that Champion has not produced this model plug for many years now and the best you will do is to find a NOS one via the internet, most likely through eBay.

The last one I bought was at an autojumble, it was used and I believe I paid £5 for it. The benefit of these dismantlable plugs is that they can be thoroughly cleaned, preferably shotblasted, such that they are then virtually as good as new.

I have two spares; I really don’t need both so if you’re unable to readily obtain one you’re welcome to one of these.