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1980s ATCO Royale B24

Hello everyone. Glad to be here.

I have recently acquired a 60th Anniversary ATCO Royale B24. I have bought it for mowing as well as general interest in mucking about with it. I would really love to get hold of handbook for it though. 

It is H60-engined. I have serial numbers for the engine and chassis, but I am not sure how useful they are in working out the correct handbook. It is a little tempremental to start, and the clutch is a little fierce but I love it and would like to give it a service before I start relying on it. 

Any info anyone has, I've love to see it


Nigel D

ATCO B24 Royale

wristpin Tue, 14/06/2022

I think that you will find plenty on the B24  and a fair bit on the Tecumseh H50/60 on this site - use the search box.

As far as the clutch goes, they are a bit fierce . Moderate throttle and a delicate clutch hand required!

dougieboard Wed, 15/06/2022

Thanks for the comment. I will carry on having a dig around. I thought I'd struck gold on an old forum post for a handbook but it went to a long-defunct dropbox link. Will keep having a look!

A lot of the youtube videos seem to be for later models and posh ones with electric start. Mine has an aluminium grassbox and the trailing roller seat. Fascinating reading all about these machines - don't seem to see many that are ever exactly the same!

I've noticed three oil-points on the chain cover, and a grease point on the roller. Aside from topping up the oil, are there any other places I need to oil/clean/dry in regular use? I've given her a good dust off, replaced the fuel hose and spotted some light oil on the various control levers to ease them all up.


wristpin Wed, 15/06/2022

Suggesting searching the forum was the lazy way out, I’ll look something out in my “ library” and post it tomorrow. The chain case oilers are a bit hit and miss and it’s easier and more effective to take the cover off and go round with an oil can - then wish that you hadn’t when the rubber sealing strip refuses to sit back where you want it to be. Take the cover off the main plate clutch and sparingly oil the linkages and pivots. Also the two disengagement thrust  bearings if they haven’t been replaced with sealed ones.