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All posts being moderated

Hi, can you give us some idea of when you think you will get fed up of moderating all posts to this list ? Because you will. I am a moderator on another list and I wouldn't want to moderate every post. You have, in my opinion, handled the forum problems in a very bad way. Yes, ban the problem user, but taking the website offline and then moderating all posts isn't a good idea.


Messorestore Thu, 22/04/2021

Dear Hortimech, I can sympathise with your frustrations over the situation of the website being taken down. However I think the decisions taken were very necessary given the behaviour of one individual towards another member. I really don't understand what the 'bum rush' is. Had the website been left up and running the comments flying around would have caused matters to get completely out of hand. Admin needed time to consider what action to take.  I for one found the posts extremely nasty. Now we are up and running again I thought the whole idea was to start afresh and stop all these unnecessary and personal attacks. I find your comments extremely unhelpful and unacceptable- this was the sort of jibing the other member got banned for ! 
Keith you have my full support.

Will Fri, 23/04/2021

I'm not sure I know what this is about but I would suggest simply banning users whose behaviour is found unacceptable.

i really don't think moderating every post is the way forwards, as much for your sanity as anything else !! 

hortimech Fri, 23/04/2021

Not trying to be unhelpful, I am just trying to point out that moderating all posts because of one person is a bad idea (in my opinion). From My experience, what usually happens is, the offending poster is asked to stop posting in the way they are posting. If the poster doesn't comply, from then onwards, any further posts from the poster are moderated. The final sanction, if the poster will not stop posting 'bad' comments, is that they are removed from the forum or mailing list.

It basically all boils down to doing things nicely and apologising if you do post something that upsets anyone, which is easily and innocently done when not talking face to face (or is that facemask to facemask nowadays)

As I said, I moderate on another mailing list (not connected in anyway with lawnmowers) and I would not like to moderate all posts to the list. I have also been involved in a similar circumstance to what happened here, which finally ended with the poster being banned from the list.


Mower1 Sun, 25/04/2021

Nice to see the forum back on line with the issue being resolved. The forum worked perfectly well before it was taken down, so no reason to change anything. User's being the key aspect on any forum in which a code of conduct needs to be adhered to.