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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Anyone had a lawnmower stolen?

My local radio station ( Harborough FM) posted this image on their facebook news feed,  Leicestershire police are trying to find the owner of this Ransomes lawnmower, found ditched on a trailer in a hedge near Walcote.

I enclose a picture of the Ransomes lawnmower just in case it rings any bells with Members.

Seb Wed, 24/03/2021

I once won an 8" Patent Chain Automaton on ebay for £10, sold by what turned out to be an elderly lady in devon who had got someone else to make the account/listing. After a week or so of no contact, a letter with a £10 note arrived in the post to say that the mower had been left at the bottom of her garden and been stolen.

probably been melted into bean cans by now.

DJD Wed, 24/03/2021

Decades ago now, I used to leave an old 14" colt next to my business signs on the roadside opposite the site entrance. One day the mower disappeared, on going home later, I could plainly see it laying in the hedge bottom, about a quarter mile from the site. Another day a fellow business owner caught another man trying to load the same machine into the back of an ordinary salon car, my friend shouted and demanded to know why he was trying to steal someone else's property, the thief never spoke but simply threw the machine into the nearby ditch! Some people...

hdtrust Sun, 28/03/2021

Yes Lock Down for those who wish to follow the law for some reason or other,our travelling community cannot catch Covid or so they think!

There is a spate of lawn mowers Diggers and farm gates going missing here in the Southwest.

So check that everything is locked.

Its quite strange they want work items but don't understand honest work!