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Atco B30 year


I have just started a restoration on a atco b30 ride on, I can't work out the year any pointers? 
it also has  Mag gs200 engine and I can't find anywhere about b30's with this engine does anyone now if they were sold with these or if it's been fitted at a later date. 
The mower has a ally grass box and has the spark plug on off switch on bars and the metal petrol tank. 

the grass box is sitting on 2 bolts is this right? I can ping a picture later if needed 

thanks James

wristpin Sat, 22/05/2021

An image is always useful. The B30 was originally called the Garden 30 and as far as I know never had the MAG engine as original equipment.

hortimech Sat, 22/05/2021

Your MAG engine is actually a Kubota engine and wasn't fitted from new, it probably replaced a Tecumseh HH60. I don't remember the grassbox sitting on bolts, they should be studs.


Greener Sat, 22/05/2021

Ok that's what I was wondering,thanks for your help  good engine been left outside by someone for a few years squirt of easy start and started 1st pull so happy day, all seems to be working except the leaking petrol tank but cheap enough on eBay, assuming it's the same tank as the b24? 

some pictures, and one of a pull nob to chains which just attaches to a threaded bar  bar just below top chain not sure if it's missing something? 


Greener Sat, 22/05/2021

Thank you for that it's as I thought 

here some pictures 

the knob by the chains is not attached to anything is there something missing? 

wristpin Sat, 22/05/2021

That knob should be attached to a pivoting lever that should go down th the sprocket on the end of the cutting cylinder  which when disengaged should allow the machine to be driven without the blades engaged. Possibly due to worn ratchet teeth on the gears , a previous owner has locked the cylinder drive . The two halves of the engagement gears were ***** expensive. If you go hunting for them on eBay, be aware that there were two age dependant types . Early machines had BSW and BSF threads and later ones UNC and UNF threads and it was at that change that the design of the sprockets and engagement mechanism changed.