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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Can't give them away

I had this little lot of very scruffy Suffolk Punch left over. Posted it on here for any takers for free, also Free Cycle, Ebay for pennies etc. No interest. Granted it is a bit of a boat anchor even as spares..

It appears that this mower might be so ubiquitous that it's just not worth the effort even for spares and as much as I do not like to scrap things, I nearly took it to the skip, then realised I had the piece of nonsense stationary engine, which means I "nearly" have enough parts to make another full mower.

It really is in a bad way, the cylinder and rear roller are seized and I am missing the cylinder drive belt cover, drive output cowl and grass box at the very least, so if anybody has those kicking about for cheap I would appreciate it.

I will clean up / blank off and store the engine and fit the other engine as it runs very well. I've not come across a belt drive on one of these so hope that will be serviceable.

Wish me luck :-)