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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Hello to those members I was getting castings for, sorry for delay, circumstance beyond our control, Covid & then foundry having to move 25 miles to new site which as you can imagine not an easy task! 

Appreciate it was about a year ago I accepted some of the parts for copying, but all now here, in fact if I painted them black it could easily be one of Richard Jones's 'Spot the part competitions'!!

For anyone considering having a part cast, its not cheap, those in the picture range from £15+vat to £100+vat, most being in the £20-£40 bracket.

Note for thinner parts best to opt for SG Iron rather than Grey Cast Iron which tends to break more easily.

Interestingly the foundry are still casting rollers for Ransomes for their current production mowers, spotted a pallet of them whilst there.

Will be in touch.


hdtrust Sun, 04/04/2021

Some of those castings do appear bad copies with frash still attached,which depending on the material used in casting can be a real devil to remove.

We have a pet foundry who can produce far superior finished castings in most materials, also with the use of a 3D printer to produce new moulds of intricate design for pattern making.

Clive is quiet correct new castings are not cheap!

If anyone is having difficulties with castings get in touch with us,The Hall & Duck Trust, we can look after members all over the world. Having a new import and Export license