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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Country or County

After seeing an advert for a rotoscythe which is too close to not aquire, I delved into Google to find a little more info on the mower, and came across what could be advertising blunders, typos or just generall guesswork, it could be two models of mowers but I've only found it to be one with the little searching I've done, some help clearing this up,  please.  I have noticed the twisted framework above the tank, so maybe two models with different names


Clive1997 Sun, 02/02/2020

Hi Lee

I believe it should be 'County' no doubt a miss-print by our friends down under as they appear to be Australian advertisements,  I did find a private for sale ad in the Buckinghamshire Examiner 1957 that said 'Country', but it was a private ad so obviously an error, all other ad's I have seen in the UK state 'County'.  


Triumph66 Sun, 09/02/2020

I have been told by a Rotoscythe collector that it's known as a County. Australia did have some imported over there too in the 1950s. To add to the confusion there's also the Rotoscythe Countryman model too which is very hard to find. I was tempted to grab that Rotoscythe up in Blackwood too but not got the time to collect it unfortunately. 

Lee Smallwood Sun, 09/02/2020

I thought County was right, it was the spiral frame struts that made me think it was two models, I'd be driving nonstop for the next two weeks if I were allowed to get the mowers I've seen advertised, I'm still trying to work out how I can persuade Faye to come to hassocks with me, I've even played the family visit card but that didn't work either, may have to play the yes I really am working and I'll be home late card. Mmm.

Triumph66 Tue, 17/08/2021

I now have a Countryman added to my Rotoscythe collection to keep my County company. Photos to follow.....