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Ear protection

Possibly a little late in life, I've decided that I no longer want to risk my hearing when cutting grass.

Wearing "over ear" protection (AKA "ear muffs") is going to be horribly hot 'n' sweaty.

Can anyone recommend ear protectors that reduce, but don't totally stop sound? I know that sound is very important for knowing how the mower's running/cutting.


wristpin Sat, 22/05/2021

As far as I know all branded ear protectors from reputable suppliers conform with the relevant standards. Just don’t buy a “no name product from an auction site”.  I regularly wear ear defenders when using a ride-on mower and have no difficulty in detecting changes in engine note etc. 

Lee Smallwood Sat, 22/05/2021

Screwfix do a large pack of orange ones, i use them on a regular basis for work, theyre quite comfortable and reduces sound enough to not cause damage, but not altogether highly recommend these

Henno Sun, 23/05/2021

A bit off topic: Earlier in life, somewhere in 1984, I decided to go to a Motorhead concert... Something I always will remember as being hit by a lorry.

Oh well...

Messorestore Sun, 23/05/2021

I always use the Stihl ones as they last and protect your hearing properly whilst still being able to detect changes or irregularities in the machinery you're using.  For more difficult jobs whilst working under duress with people complaining about the number of mowers you've got, taking up too much space, I highly recommend the other pair I've featured.