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Finally finished my restoration

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After a good while and with some help and advice from users on this forum, I finally have been able to mostly finish my Ajax Ransomes Mk 3 restoration. I still have a few things to do, like:

  • sharpen the reel
  • work on some of the screws, washers and bolts.
  • work on the grass bucket.
  • work on old bearing
  • finding a decent grease gun

I am quite happy with the result, but that is just me talking.

When I got the mower it was in this state, after 5 years outside. The best thing was, it was still working, without even using any WD40 on any part.. This is what I liked about these vintage machines, build to last... It needed a bit of TLC I believe.

Start of the project.

After opening up the covers, noticing a lot of grease in them, I knew that was making it run so smoothly. Unfortunately I needed to get the biggest cog of, which I needed to have external help with. I finally found somebody close to where I live and he also sharpens blades.

Inside the covering

I don't have any photos from the work that I have done throughout the year working on this project. My idea was to make sure that the aluminium coverings and sides where going to be sand paper polished and I did this up to a 2000 grit.. The rest of the mower is going to be painted in a Green/Red Scheme.

Reel Blade Coming up to the Reel blade I noticed that when taking the mower apart, one of the bearing housings was open and wouldn't close properly anymore and was very dirty, which means that I needed to refurbish that and put everything back together. Eventually I chose to see if I was able to find myself a preloved reel from a MK3, which I was able to find on Ebay. Really happy with that find.

The rollers I already have replaced the old ones with new ones, before even starting this project, just to get some weathering on them from using the mower, which I have been doing before the start.

The grass bucket This still hold the original decal, or painting of the logo, which I want to preserve. I will take a bit of time, also my spray can is empty with the green, so need to do this another time. Idea is to keep the front, laquer this and paint the inside and outside green, to match it up.

Grease Gun The grease nipples are there to be used still, but I want to make sure I have the right grease gun and grease and oil for that matter. If anybody on this Forum has a good idea for this, I am all ears.

I think that the result is, to my satisfaction.

Finished result_side

Finished result_skew

Finished result_top

chirpy999 Sat, 06/07/2024

Very nice, would like a ajax in my stable. Regarding the grease gun you need a teculmet they were in the tool kit on Rolls Royce cars and supplied with Ranmsomes mowers. I got one off Ebay.