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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Greens Greenson

I have recently acquired this Greenson. The mower is very complete and is on my list for restoration. However as you can see the badge is damaged and a piece missing. I have another good Greenson badge but unfortunately it depicts the wrong size 12inch when the old badge/ mower are 14 inch. I have one idea to make a correct complete badge and this involves cutting the better badge up to take off the missing letters and cast iron glueing them on the damaged badge. If anyone else has a better or easier solution I would very much welcome it. Thanks, Sean

Clive1997 Mon, 05/04/2021

Hi Sean an interesting Greens mower, don't think I have ever owned one. As to the badge, I did successfully amend an 8in Anglo Paris badge from 8 to 6 by grinding off the number & carefully making a sausage of metal filler & shaping it into the number & pressing in place, bit fiddly but did the job.


Messorestore Mon, 05/04/2021

Absolutely brilliant article. Interesting it's a Greenson as well. The Greenson mowers must have had a hard time ! 
Interesting it mentions adhesive. The modern glues beat welding as you are not left cleaning up welds or weld marks across lettering etc. I've even managed to glue the main frame on an 18 inch Ransomes Patent gear.? It has held well, even rolling it over uneven ground. Amazing it has held when you consider the weight of the machine !