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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Greens paint

Morning all,

Do we know what the correct colour of green is for circa 1950s era Thomas Greens mowers? Monitor, Zephyr etc.



Mowing Wurzel Fri, 06/05/2022

Greens Green

The subject of what colour to use when restoring is a popular question, I myself and many others have written on the forum regarding this.

Firstly; as colours fade over time, it would be whether you wanted an “as factory new” shade or a shade to what the machine is now.

I, like many others have advised on the forum previously;

I find a piece of the mower devoid of sunlight beaching, and not contaminated by oil or grease, i.e., not in a chain case.  Then I use this shade as nearest to what the factory new shade was.

Paint catalogues online are terribly inaccurate, (professional paint mixers have more accurate samples, but this can blow your mind with the multitude of choices) so I usually put in the paint code in as a search, then see which matches.

Professional paint companies can even scan your sample, but I find this never terribly accurate.

Before Covid, I went to a local paint supplier, but now I buy online, (suppliers recommended in previous discourses)  as greater value and less hassle, but as I say; viewing colour shades on a PC is terribly innacurate.

 I sometimes buy three or 4 shades until happy; I use the incorrect paints as intermediate coats between the primer and topcoat.

(And I spray all the colours I buy on a piece of steel and label them for future reference)    

I personally think, as you are the owner or custodian of the Mower, or whatever cherished item you are dedicating your time and money into to restoring, that you alone have free-range to do as you please.

Although finding an 1859 Silens Messor and painting in Homage to Mr Blobby may not go down well with purists.

Will Sat, 07/05/2022

Many thanks for the response Mowing Wurzel

In answer to your question what I’d be trying to achieve is as new factory finish, unfortunately the two Greens mowers I’d like to paint both have the pram style handles so there isn’t really anywhere you can be sure what the orig8nsl colour was and, unless the original paint code is known I don’t see how I’m going to achieve it.

I did paint one a third a little while ago in Ransomes Green and, whilst a decent enough finish, the colour just doesn’t look right to me somehow, a bit bright. It’s clearly a mental thing, in my mind I know a Thomas Green’s mower shouldn’t be painted in Ransomes green!

Generally if a mower looks tatty but largely original I prefer to leave as is, but the Greens I have have all seen paint over the years, some a few coats!

best wishes