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Help identifying lawnmower model

Hello, I'm a new member to this forum and I'd really appreciate some of the shared expertise in identifying this Hayter Hayterettte lawnmower I have found in my parents garage during a clear out.

You probably get posts like this all the time so sorry in advance if this is a tad tedious for you. 

wristpin Sat, 04/12/2021

Well, you’ve identified it as a Hayterette, and it’s complete and in good condition If you want to roughly date it, look at the engine cowling above the spark plug and you should find the words Model Type Code. The code number is the date of the engine’s manufacture , the first two digits being the year 64, 74 being 1964 , 1974 etc .  That date is usually within six months of the machine’s manufacturer. Don’t often see one of that vintage with the original pattern exhaust muffler ( silencer) of the drum type with its exit pipe going down through the cast deck.