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Highs and Lows

Hi folks. I am trying to find out the longest and shortest grass length cutting heights that can be achieved by my Webb 2 Speed (late 40s model), Webb Deluxe (1930s) and my Webb Witch (Series5). I cannot find the answer in the literature I have for the 2 Speed and the Witch and I don't have any literature at all for the Deluxe so I am stuck. Can anyone help me out please? Thanks. Rob

Clive1997 Thu, 10/03/2022

Hi Rob, think its a case of get your ruler out, certainly not mentioned in s selection of brochures that I hold for Webbs including the three mowers you refer to, they are keen to quote cuts per ft or yd, but not actual cutting heights.

In a service instruction & care card I have for the Wasp & Whippet there is still no reference!!

Assume they may have not actually stated it in any literature.

Await hearing the answer after you have crawled under your mowers with a ruler, best done on a nice flat surface, dining room table :)

RansomesRob Thu, 10/03/2022

Hi Clive, Thanks for looking, much appreciated.  I'd better not ask if I can put a mower on the dining room table as I already have three in the lounge!! 

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