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Identification Ransome Ajax Mk.?

I am trying to get into a bit more advanced lawnmowing, just as a hobby. Now have been looking for a push lawnmower with more ability to control how I can mow the grass. My eye fell onto the Ransome mowers, just by coincidence I found somebody with a mower that isn't in use with him anymore.

The mower in question I would like to find out what year it is from, so I can find out more about it. I was able to find some information, but looking at the gears it was a bit confusing, same with the handles on the mower, makes it a bit weird. Any help would be appreciated.

Ransome Ajax Mk. ?

Lawnmower Grass


Will Sat, 30/04/2022

As Clive says it should say on scraper plate what mark it is. Fairly sure it’s a mk3 but a ‘3.5’ - ie 3 but with later crossover handles. These mowers can be superb (if your lawn is good enough) but you’ll want to get the cylinder and bottom blade ground for ultimate performance. Enjoy!