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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A little lawnmower interest... about 3.30 in. Don't ask me what the models are, other than the manufacturer, and I have no idea about the side wheel. Oh, and if you are of a nervous disposition, don't watch anyone starting an engine either, at least 3 people don't put their thumb under the handle. If you can resist the temptation to fast-forward to 3.30, there's also a Villiers two-stroke which puts in a very brief appearance in an unidentified vehicle.



DJD Tue, 25/05/2021

I enjoyed that too, does anyone else remember 'Mr Hulot's holiday"? A black and white French film in which the 'hero' drives to his seaside resort amidst much popping and banging from a very similar looking French I think early car with the same sort of spoked bicycle type wheels. I've often wondered what make it was and whether sales suffered as a result, maybe though it was a very old model by then.

olcadmin Tue, 25/05/2021

1924 Salmson AL3, highly modified, apparently. Saw the film last year during early part of lock down.

Mr Bean is heavily influenced by this and other Tati films according to Rowan.