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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Milton Keynes AGM/Weekend

In difficult times, Pandemic, Fuel Shortage & Torrential Rain (on Sat), it was great to see so many club members overcoming the conditions. A big Thank You to those who made a positive contribution to a great weekend.

Good to see a comprehensive collection of Atco's & JP's. I didn't take many photo's, but if you did please add them.

Highlight for me was actually getting to hold Paul Harvey's fantastic  Ransomes, Sims & Head, 'Little Gem' & a worthy winner of the Andrew Grout Plate.

An amazing little mower, patented in 1875 and designed to be a 'Reversible' mower by switching the handle over when the blade blunt to allow the cylinder to cut in the opposite direction utilising the other side of each blade. As with Ransomes Reversible model which flipped over, these mowers were introduced no doubt to bypass Thomas Greens patent for flipping the cylinder over on the Silens Messor.

It would appear Paul's is the only Little Gem that has surfaced in recent years & in my extensive research I have only found evidence so far of 2 others both 6in models that existed in the 20th century, one of which mysteriously disappeared from a Yorkshire museum in the 1980's, discovered to be absent when they completed an audit of their collection in 1991.

If anyone knows of any other Little Gem's please let us know.

Only 7 months to go & we will be preparing for another great weekend.…

Mowing Wurzel Fri, 08/10/2021

I'm sorry I couldn't attend the AGM; what with the fuel crisis and my cattle truck in repair, so I had Paul & his Dad; Michael take along my Little Gem 8” Mower to the Excellent Milton Keynes Museum and the equally effervescent and excellent O.L.C.  A.G.M.

Paul and Mike tell me they spent all Sunday at the AGM, firstly enjoying a hearty English Breakfast in the Museum Cafe, and then enjoyed seeing and talking to all the other members and their cherished and wonderfully presented Lawn Mowers and associated gardening ephemera.  And  naturally Paul and Mike were sad that due to the current climate, lots of members could not attend this time.

Please find some photos, Paul took.    Best Wishes,   Buttercup



MikeD Sat, 09/10/2021

well done Paul and dad a nice machine and some great photos it was good to see you and say thanks for your excellent samuelson write up thanks mike d.

RansomesRob Mon, 11/10/2021

Fantastic photos Paul, liked them all, especially the set of JP's sat together. Congratulations on winning the Andrew Grout Plate with your 'Little Gem'. Hopefully Buttercups cattle truck will be back in action next year to enable her to attend!! Cheers. Rob



Mowing Wurzel Tue, 12/10/2021

I think if I was to bring a to calf to a public place, then I might get carted off in a padded van!

Please see this photo of some of the wonderful J.P. Lawn Mowers; all restored to an extremely high standard,


RansomesRob Tue, 12/10/2021

Great photo Paul,  I had only previously seen the carrier wheels on advertising material so good to see the set as in your photo. Cheers. Rob