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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Money for Nothing!

I assume some are familiar with BBC One's 'Money for Nothing' where they approach people at re-cycling centres to save an item being dumped, upcycle it, sell & present the member of public with the sale proceeds. Well today two lawn mower grass boxes 'upcycled' to become ice buckets for cooling your wine or champagne. £20 odd on copper pipe & the results below, sold for £260.

Whilst presenter suggested the boxes could be 50ys old, certainly the Qualcast box possibly 70yrs !

Am I regretting scrapping 20 odd grass boxes recently, NO!  

JackClap Thu, 13/05/2021

£260.. blimey! My wife is very tolerant of me and my mowers but I don't think I could get away with bringing something like into the house. 

Alternatively Clive you could of tried passing off your 20 mower boxes as plant pots and selling them at £25 a pop... plants not included!

wristpin Thu, 13/05/2021

Am I regretting scrapping 20 odd grass boxes recently, NO! 

Were they listed and offered to members at sensible prices, or were they beyond redemption ?