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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

My introduction....

Hello there, pleased to have found this club and forum!

I'm not quite sure how my interest in old mowers happened!!  The germination is possibly from when I first started to mow the lawns for my dad, who was always very busy at work so found it difficult to find time for mowing!  So he introduced me to his Suffolk Punch and showed me how to use it, aged about 9!  I was very interested in anything with an engine so was quite happy to take this duty on!  Then years later, when I had my own place I bought my first mower, a Honda HR194, fantastic piece of kit which I still have and is still going strong at about 36 years old!

I had developed an interest in stationary engines and began to notice some fantastic vintage mowers at steam rallies etc, so they were now on my radar!

My first mower was a Rapier, this was due to my interest in Vincent motorcycles, I found it by lucky chance in the classifieds of the VOC club mag, as soon as the phone went down after my call to say I'd take it, I was on my way to Cambridge to collect it.  It needs a complete restoration, which as yet I haven't had time to do, and I need lots of parts for it.

My next mower came many years later, about 5 years ago in fact, again a lucky find as it so incredibly original,  a Dennis Z type, complete with original grease gun, tool kit and all original panels and shrouds etc.

It's a good runner and is in good cosmetic condition, so it doesn't need restoration as such as I like the original patina.   I will go through it to make sure all the mechanicals are as they should be and maybe get the cylinder properly sharpened. And I need to find a good original tow seat roller for it.

This is my pride and joy, I feel very lucky to have found such a gem!

The next mower I want is quite a humble one but seemingly difficult to find in good original condition, a Suffolk Super Punch, an early one with no plastic bits!  If anyone can help, give me a shout.

So, glad to be here and look forward to getting to know some of you.




Clive1997 Mon, 09/08/2021

Welcome to the club & forum,  even without our help you seem to have immersed yourself in the world of mower collecting, we all learn more every day & discover new mowers. There is plenty of help available if required from members & the website.