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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member

Hi all, I'm a new member and just getting to know the site.

I run a community group and maintain grassed areas in our community. We have a number of mowers that I maintain and restore.

I've just bought a cylinder grinder I need to identify and when I can work out how to post photos I will send some in to ask for information. 

Best regards Mick


Mickwhitt Fri, 30/07/2021

This is the same model that I have, mine is now in parts awaiting new belts and a repair on the hydraulic pump seals.

And thoughts on the maker at all.

I also need to know how the grindstone carrier splits to replace the stone.


wristpin Fri, 30/07/2021

I think that it’s a Garfitts Speedy . There were two models, a Speedy 18 and a Speedy 24. I took a slightly neglected one as part payment for work done three years ago, cleaned it up and sold it to someone in the West Country. They are sturdy machines and the cylinder being ground is held in adjustable chucks, avoiding the need for multiple adaptors.

I’ll see whether I still have a short video that I took for my sales ad - possibly not as I had a clear out from the iPad recently.

EDIT. Must have deleted my vid but this one is on youtube…

Mickwhitt Sun, 01/08/2021

Thanks for the information. It does look very similar to the speedy.

Anyone know how the grindstone is secured onto the sliding carrier? I'd like to replace the stone and do something to repair or replace the drive key which is only about a sixteenth thick.

Best regards Mick 

Mickwhitt Tue, 03/08/2021

I managed to find a grindstone supplier for this machine. So it will have a new stone on just to be safe. While its stripped down I have replaced the drive key which was very badly worn. 

I replaced the 1/2 steel guide rods for the powered traverse as the originals were pretty rusty.

Off to the hydraulic place tomorrow to see about refurbishing the pump.

Won't be long before I can start grinding a cylinder.



Mickwhitt Thu, 05/08/2021

The stone was bonded on with hot melt adhesive so there is no wonder it wouldn't shift.

Bit of heat and its all off now. New stone ordered and arrived so that will go on soon.

Made a new drive key while the stone was off, just gauge plate filed to a taper to lock into the slot in the stone carrier. Its a lot tighter now.

Hydraulics were a bit of a tease, had to strip and clean everything.  Pump seal was dried out so new graphite string put into the gland and hey presto. 

Cylinder seal was worn so new O rings fitted and its back to good as new.

It now runs beautifully and needs adaptors for different cylinders but I will make them as I need them. 

Bottom blade grinder is also back to working state so I will be trying them both out in due course.


wristpin Thu, 05/08/2021

It now runs beautifully and needs adaptors for different cylinders but I will make them as I need them. 

So perhaps it’s not a Speedy as it’s  selling point was that the cylinder was held in adjustable chucks without the need of specific adaptors. The traversing mechanism in your images is very similar to that on the machine that I had, so I’m assuming that it is a Garfitts but perhaps not a Speedy. No other clues on your machine?