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Hello to all, 

Just to introduce myself to the forum as a long time lurker recently turned registrant - I am Ed, based in East Hertfordshire, and slowly and surely restoring two Webb lawnmowers: a Witch, and a Miniature - the latter as 'practice' for the bigger one. My Dad used a Wasp for years, and I've found myself enjoying the process immensely, even if my partner is somewhat bemused by the whole exercise. Hoping to post some before and after pictures soon as well as a recommendation for a paint shop locally for anyone else based in this area. 


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Hello Ed

Hello Ed

Welcome to the forum, knew your area well first job in Stortford 50+yrs ago! Always liked the Webb's good variety & know many who still keep perfect lawns with a Witch. As to paint best to take an original part to a paint specialist & get it colour matched. There are a few on-line who have off the shelf incl aerosols in most RAL colours etc. Whilst difficult to date Webbs precisely there were changes in handle type so can get a rough idea for you.

Post some pictures of the mowers & restoration & ask for any other help needed.

As to partners! best to only get one mower out from the shed/garage at a time, they will think you only have one, rather than 10 or more carefully hidden away!




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Welcome to the club Ed.

Welcome to the club Ed. Looking forward to the photos. Good starter is the miniature, not too many bits to forget where they go, plenty of photos during the dismantling stages will help long term, and labelling parts will also help during restorations. For now all the best.