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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New purchase, Ransomes Ace 12"

I bought a Ransomes Ace 12" today to accompany the 10" Ace,  I only plan to restore the grass box which is close to ruin due to age related rust, the lawnmower it self has more than enough paint coverage not to strip back and repaint, there is however evidence it had been painted once before unless Ransomes used a lighter shade of green as a primer.  It did not come with an original grass defector, more of a make shift piece of angled aluminium, the coat of arms on the grass box is no longer visible so I need not worry about losing any sleep fixing the issues and  repainting it providing I get the colour right.

The wooden shaft of the handle looks as if someone had carefully gone over the lettering to bring up the description of the brand, nevertheless I am happy to have one more example to add to my growing collection.

I only have two other side wheel lawnmowers to find before I stop buying anymore which is down to space than anything else.


Clive1997 Tue, 27/04/2021

Good purchase & to have the box a bonus, you just need the 14in now to complete the set, as with most side-wheels the larger ones are harder to find. Looks like when they introduced the Mk2 in 1953? with the tubular handles they only made it in a 12in size.

John.Sutherland Thu, 29/04/2021

The grass box on this new purchase offers no practical use, subject to an absent grass deflector, the grass cuttings cover the lawn as it cuts which is not the end of the world, its an extra job before putting the lawnmower away.

I would be amazed if I could land the 14 inch Ace if and when one comes onto the market, just have to wait and see what the future holds, I thought about buying the Ace Mk2 but my mind is set on two other mowers which I am in no rush to buy unless they are too good to pass up.

Adverts for the Mk2 (rubber tyre) appeared in 1953, sale price £5,17s, 1d, and continued to be marketed well into 1957, the earliest sales advert for the Mk1 dated 1936 which I found on the British newspaper Archive.

I think the Manuals are more rare than the mower it self,its something else to focus on but I wont hold my breath.   

Clive1997 Fri, 30/04/2021

Hi John

I have Ace Mk1 & Mk2 parts lists if interested

John.Sutherland Sat, 01/05/2021

Hi Clive,

Thank you, yes I am interested.

I have noticed there has been a run on the Ransomes Ace for sale of late, some lawnmowers you just don't see for months or even years and they pop up almost all at once.