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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Not a mower but still worth a picture

Hello friends, whilst on a 4 day break in Devon, popped into my spiritual home, Dawlish, saying that as it was a place I was dragged around from the age of 2 whilst holidaying at Cofton, now I get the chance to drag my own son around the place, not a lot has changed, and that probably goes for these two beauties residing in the Bowling Green at the centre of the Village, maybe they were being used whilst I was a child staring obliviously at the smartly dress bowls players, thought you may like the photo.



Will Tue, 19/04/2022

Nice Lee! I’d love something like the one on the near side in my collection actually. I’m currently looking for an Automaton roller, I just missed a big one on marketplace the other week that was going very cheaply :(