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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Now that’s what I call a throw plate

Here is my Lloyds Pennsylvania with enormous throw plate. I find the concept of a roller mower with side wheel handle fascinating. I find with the weight of a roller mower this type of handle is far better suited to side wheel mowers and the push is hard. You would certainly be exhausted after a short while. As denoted on the cover this is an aluminium alloy drum mower.

John.Sutherland Mon, 03/05/2021

Great looking Lawnmower but is it really hard work to push? I have nothing to compare it to let alone experience what it must be like to push one,I always thought that a well greased / oiled machine would fly by especially this size. 

Messorestore Mon, 03/05/2021

Hi, it's the combination of the roller mower and the single shaft handle. I've tried it's hard work. I oiled the machine well as I do all my machines before using. It's quite hard to directionally control.