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Parts manual help

I'm looking for a parts manual for a Atco/Suffolk lawnmower model no 14S. I've had a look in the manual section of the site but I suspect that this is too modern to be included in this section.

Anyone got any guidance as to where I can find one online as a downloadable PDF?

villiers98 Sat, 21/08/2021

I'm sorry I can't help with a manual but have repaired many. The Atco and later Allett versions are much the same . Do you have a specific query? Believe parts other than belts, cables, blades and plastic gears will be getting harder to get already

AlanY Sun, 22/08/2021

Thank for your reply. I would like to get a PDF version of both the handbook and the parts manual as I have a niggle which needs sorting. The rear roller doesn't free wheel sometimes, and I suspect I know what the problem is, but I wanted to try and get any parts before I pulled it apart to renew anything.

I would would also like to make sure any adjustments that need to be made are correct.


villiers98 Sun, 22/08/2021

If it's not the belt grabbing on the pulley, the nylon drive pinion and the rear roller ring gear it engages with both wear badly and jam. Hope you get it sorted

AlanY Sun, 22/08/2021

That is my suspicion as well, I was hoping to identify the part numbers for these parts from a parts list/manual. 

Henno Mon, 23/08/2021

I have some PDF's for the 14s, which is the same as a Balmoral 14s. I will look tonight if I can find them.


wristpin Mon, 23/08/2021

As per the previous reply the problem is probably the meshing between the pinion and the ring gear within the roller. It usually results from either wear in the pinion shaft bushes or wear in the roller bushes - usually the roller bushes. Just occasionally the ring gear becomes loose within the roller shell.