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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Ajax identification

Hello, I have just joined this club, after getting myself into a bit more authentic lawn-mowing. I finally found a very nice still working Ransomes Ajax mower. Albeit rusty not seized. Trying to identify it myself by going through pictures, online and on this forum I am not sure what this actually is.

I am trying to do it up, but having some trouble getting the big gear off, so with the identification I would be able to find a bit more help.

is there anybody who is able to tell me what Mk. this lawnmower is?

all help is appreciated.

many thanks 











stonethemows Wed, 27/04/2022

It's a mk.3B dating from the mid 1950's. It should say mk. 3 on the scraper plate; the ' B ' ( which won't actually be stated ) relates to it being the later version of the mk.3, easily identified by the triangular plate between the handlebars.

Please preserve the rather nice original transfer on the grassbox. I can't really see what sort of state the handlebar one is in but bear in mind the Club Shop has reproductions if required.

cbastiaan Wed, 27/04/2022

Thank you for your information, I had a look at the triangular part on the handle bar, but it has been told that it has been outside for a while, so that part is a bit worn out too much.

Yeah the decal on the grassbox will not be touched :)