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Ransomes auto certes identification

Afternoon, recently purchased a Ransomes Auto Certes for 70 cdn. Trying to Identify the year and mk.


Serial number is E L 08429, it has a briggs and stratton industrial plus 3.5 hp engine. Doubt that is original.


Reel and bed of was luckily in great shape and my neighbour cleaned the carb, clutch and greased it all up.


Any help or advice is appreciated. 

hortimech Thu, 20/05/2021

It could be the original engine, but without a photo, it is a bit hard to say and the serial number you quoted could be part of the B&S model, type and code.

adammeloche Wed, 10/11/2021

From what I have gathered it most likely is from the BS model. I am guessing the engine was replaced with a newer B&S. Below are some images of the mower and serial number. 




wristpin Wed, 10/11/2021

That engine is unlikely to be original but it’s code number will give  its date of manufacture but not necessarily when it was fitted. Ransomes are your best bet for the chassis date.  

The major change of that shape / generation of Auto Certes was in the design of the cutting cylinder disengagement mechanism needing a different pattern of cutting cylinder.