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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Chain Automaton

I thought I would show you some photos of my Ransomes Chain Automaton. For anyone who is new to lawn mower collecting this is not to be confused with the Patent Chain Automaton. The Chain Automaton was offered alongside the gear Automatons for just a very few years from 1886 until they were redesignated Patent Chain and Gear Automatons in 1894.


John.Sutherland Tue, 27/04/2021

There was a time when I thought about buying at least one of these types of lawnmower but at the last minute I thought "Best stick to the side wheel lawnmower" otherwise the temptation to find other variants could become overwhelming, well for me at least.

As always, nice to see so many varieties of lawnmower here on the OLC and I am sure you never get tired of reading the same old comments " You have a nice collection"   

Messorestore Tue, 27/04/2021

Ahhhh John, time will come and you'll see a beauty of a roller lawnmower sitting in some Brocante window and temptation will offer little resistance. :)  :)  :)