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Ransomes Ripper Mk3 Fact or Fiction

The amount of times I have had to rewrite this has been ridiculous because if my computer goes to sleep all my hardwork dissapears so rather than briefly taking a break to think, I have had no choice but to keep at it in the hope I remember all those lost wrtings on this subject of interest to me as I hope will draw your attention and possibly share your own thoughts.

The Ransomes Ripper Mk1 is undoubtably one of their best iconic designed lawnmowers, it is fair to say that the same design was implimented with the export of the Mk 2 and 3 Ransomes Moon but I cannot say the same about the Mk1 Moon because I have not found an example or a publication for comparison.

Members will have read and some kindly gave their thoughts on a Ransomes 14" lawnmower I bought and believe to be none other than a "Ransomes moon" but it did leave me with too many questions unanswered.

I recently bought a copy of the List of Parts for the Mk2&3 Moon lawnmower, the part numbers (not to be confused with the order numbers) are consistant to those found on my lawnmower, this includes the wooden tee handle fitted to my model "however" the wooden tee handle belongs to the mark two Moon, the Mk3 would have been originally fitted with a steel tubular tee handle which is rearsuring that both styles could be used.

The Ripper Mk1 and the Moon Mk2&3 List of Parts are near identical, all that appears to separate them is the name badge, the serial number on the Moons side frame "195754" and a slight design variation on the tubular handle, (there was no wooden tee handle option for the Ripper.)

Now here is the clanger,I believe Ransomes did not intentionally make a Mk3 Ripper or at least back step to the old model design willingly, had they penned a third generation Ripper, it would be more in keeping to the Mk2 not the Mk1.

Now I don't like conjecture but its all I have so take what you will from it, I am open to opinions and new infomation that would dismiss or back my theory.

It is plausible that in the early 1950's if not before, Ransomes suffered a shipment cancelation heading for export, namely the Mk3 Moon 14" which would have been a huge profit loss to the company had they scrapped the order so I think the Mk3 Moon was fed into the U.K. economy implimenting an already in use Mk2 Ripper handle on to a recognisable design. 

Lets look at the facts.

Both the Moon Mk3 and the Ripper Mk3 are identical right down to the side frames Patent No.195754 Mk3, Not including the name badge.

Ransomes made five variations of the Moon Lawnmower. 

The Mk3 Ripper is not in keeping with the Mk2. except for sharing the same Tee handle

I could not find adverts for the Ransomes Mk3 Ripper.

They did not produce a List of Parts for the Mk3 Ripper, - had they done the publication number may have been in the 190000's.

There was practicly three identical lawn mowers in circulation, Mk1 Ripper, Mk2&3 Moon, (it makes no sense to bring out a fourth and claim it to be new,)

Ransome Ripper Mk1 List of Parts Publication number 16173 E

Ransomes Moon Mk2&3 List of Parts Publication number 16601 E

Ransomes Ripper Mk2 List of Parts Publication number 18976G

Ransomes Ripper Mk3 - List of Parts - Not produced.  

Ripper List of Parts CoverRansomes Moon List of Parts cover Ransomes Ripper Mk3 List of Parts Cover

I have appealed to the Reading Museum of Rural Life for infomation,currently waiting for news,  I will keep you informed with any fresh info.