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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Royal Enfield Lawnmowers

Hello from Greece!

My name is Andreas Papadakis,member no 2808 and i would interested to buy a Royal Enfield lawnmover! As i own a Royal Enfield motorcycle and a RE bicycle i would like to have in my collection a lawnmower also!

My passion for Royal Enfields is enormous and write to many magazines for Royal Enfields!

Do you know how much is the average price for these?Do not interested for a specific model...

Hope to meet you in UK or maybe in Greece for your next holidays!



Will Thu, 18/03/2021


ive not come across RE mowers before, hopefully one of the more knowledgeable forum members will be along soon.

enjoy the forum, there is a lot of information here


stonethemows Thu, 18/03/2021

Royal Enfield lawnmowers are one of the less common machines and consequently not that well known. They are quite collectable and various examples are owned by Club members. The question of ' value ' is a tricky one as there is not a well established market owing to the very low turnover. As with all this type of thing an inexperienced buyer needs to be very wary and, as has been stated often in the past, it is important to do the research before you make a commitment. You may be lucky  and get offered one by an enthusiast who knows exactly what they are selling - not always the case by any means.

Inevitably a potential source is the dreaded eBay where prices for most things are all over the place. As it happens currently there is a RE mower for sale in Hampshire though I'm not sure how you might get it home. At the moment there are no bids on an opening price of £20 which seems fair bearing in mind it's not apparently a runner. I suspect interested parties are keeping quiet until the last moment and there may well be several ' snipe ' bids.

Specialist vintage auctions are another likely source and as ever the thing is worth what someone is prepared to pay on the day, possibly in competition with other collectors. That does not mean to say that it will be worth the same next week. My advice is to avoid complete wrecks and machines that have been subjected to a totally over the top ' restoration '. In this instance the vendor will probably want far too much money and the machine will be compromised historically. As a broad general guide my opinion is that something around £50 would be a realistic point to start.

You will find much useful information within the Club from various sources. Good luck with your search, it should be fun.


hdtrust Fri, 19/03/2021


Where are you in Greece, as I often ship out parts for radio controlled aircraft to my brother in-law,who lives in Athens,I have an import and Export License.I suspect at the moment you are grounded! 



hdtrust Mon, 22/03/2021

Hi Yes,can get around the city quite easy by bus,when there is no pandemic.My Sister lives in Malousi,Athens.

The things you don't do in Athens is sit at a Taverna with a red tablecloth! Unless you have same disposable income as the Americans!

There's not many countries I haven't been to for foraging lawn mowers!

Kind regards


Andrew21 Mon, 22/03/2021

The irony is that i live in Kifissia which is next to Maroussi! Around 5 minutes by car!

Hope soon to come in Greece ! Hope until then to have my Royal Enfield lawnmower!

Andrew21 Mon, 22/03/2021

Thank you @stonethemows for all your advices! I am sure the club members will help me and soon i will get my lawnmower!

Alec Tue, 23/03/2021

Hi Andrew, Good luck with your search for a Royal Enfield mower. I bought one in 2019 from a fellow member of my local classic car club. The machine had been restored but lacked decals - I purchased the transfers from the Old Lawnmower Club and was really pleased with them.


Alec Tue, 23/03/2021

Hi again Andrew,

Apologies if this is off-topic about mowers. I thought you may be interested to see this bike from my collection which is part Royal-Enfield. It is a 1954 Britax-Ducati and uses a heavy-duty butt-welded version of a Royal-Enfield ladies bicycle frame and RE125 ('Flying Flea') front forks. The engine is a 4-stroke 48cc Ducati Cucciolo cyclemotor unit.

The story behind this is that in the '50s Britax, who manufacture car accessories such as seat belts and child seats, were the UK importers for the Cucciolo cyclemotor engine. They decided to build and sell a comptete motorcycle / moped using the engine. The cycle parts were Royal Enfield.

In addition they also offered a scooter version and a complete 48cc-class racing machine called the Britax Hurricane.

Cheers, Alec

DJD Tue, 23/03/2021

Hello Alec, good to see your icon on another site, I remember you from the BSA club forum, didn't know you were into mowers as well and a very nice one at that.

Alec Wed, 24/03/2021

Hi David,

Cheers and good to see you here too! 

Have got a bit of a collection (hoard) going on - about a dozen bikes/ mopeds/cyclemotors including a couple of BSA Bantams, 8 cars about 25+ mowers. Everything from a pre-war Atco mower to a Lexus.

Reckon quite a number of old vehicle fans are into mowers too :-)

Andrew21 Wed, 24/03/2021

Very nice modification @Alec! Thanks for sharing!

By the way do you know how many members are Royal Enfield lawnmower owners?

Let me inform you that i am also member of the Royal Enfield Owners Club (UK) and travel often in UK for rallies/events etc!

I will try to join the The Old Lawnmower  Club annual rally next year!Does it took place in a specific area?



hdtrust Sun, 28/03/2021

Hi there yes I do know parts of Kifissia,small world!

Sorry not to return sooner but flat out at work (some of us have to work as normal through Lock down)

All I can say is thank god we are going to get freezing temperatures through Easter,that should keep everybody local and we can finish Apple tree prunning in the orchards!.