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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Silens Messor lives outdoors and earns its keep

So i have owned this SM for years, she lives outside all year round and is used weekly to cut the grass. A few weeks ago i had some spare time so i gave her a repaint and service. I know shes not the correct colour and the box is wrong but she earns her keep and is out in all weather so i just thought she deserved a smarten up, not a restoration, just a smarten up

Lee Smallwood Sun, 02/05/2021

If faye would allow it, I would have a couple of my old machines in the garden as a permanent display, best I can get away with is leaving it a few hours before putting them away. Nice to use

Messorestore Sun, 02/05/2021

Very nice to see another proper old mower. I'm not sure whether I'm brave enough to leave mine out overnight yet alone all year round ! I don't think Pippa would be overly eager to attract any more 'ornaments' in the garden.

John.Sutherland Mon, 03/05/2021

Nothing short of Wow! 

When you think about it, we have been gifted with excellent examples from the industrial revolution over a wide spectrum of inventions, in a hundred plus years time our young generation will have only left behind old smart phones and plastic collectables.

Will Tue, 04/05/2021

Great stuff!! It's the basis for my small collection, machines that actually work and do the job for which they were intended. Although a few have crept in over the years that do not strictly adhere to these rules :)