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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Silver Comet

Here is a recent addition to my collection. It goes slightly against the rest of my collection as it's a relatively more modern mower compared to the rest of my collection. 
A product of Shanks, the Silver Comet superseded the pre-war Comet introduced in 1936. The Comet was aimed at the fiercely competed cheap 12inch roller mower market led by the Qualcast Panther. After WW2 the Comet was revived as the 'Silver Comet' with alloy sides. Unlike the Comet this mower was marketed and sold through high end retail outlets aimed at the top end of the market. Unlike the Ransomes Ajax this mower was not a success and low volumes were sold. Whilst not a rare mower they do not come up for sale very often especially in the condition of this one which is a credit to its previous owner who has obviously taken great care of it. Note the Service / Supplier badge which probably explains its wonderful condition.