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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Slogan competition

Yay thought I’d add this topic, apologies if been done before, 

best slogan for a lawn care, garden maintenance company, my father sent me this one, 

my friend had a gardening and window cleaning company called “Growing Panes” I said had, as he got told to give it up by his wife and get a full time job as he spent most of the afternoons at the pub. Brilliant.

Clive1997 Thu, 02/06/2022

Hi Lee

Interesting, a few years back there was a couple of guys with a garden maintenance/lawncare business in Gloucester using the name 'Two men went to mow', I think they have ceased trading now as when you google it the majority of references are to a book about lawn mower history !!!!  

Lee Smallwood Fri, 03/06/2022

Shame they’re not going anymore, although if they were, they might be after a few quid, copyrights and all that, 

A guy in Nailsea cuts grass for a living calls himself The lawn mower man. I’ll keep posting when I come  across some more


have a nice weekend Clive