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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Teaser 2

I've included a photo of three handles and as a plea for more exhibits on the virtual annual rally I'll let you guess what they belong to. The answer can be found on the Virtual Rally 2021 forum. The clue to what machines they belong can be found on one of the handles to let you know what type of equipment they are. Another clue is that there are two makes. Especially for you Lee - happy guessing.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 13/05/2021

OK, I was gunna have a look, but I'll play along and have a complete guess as I have no idea, as you've said the word equipment, I'm guessing they're not mowers, so I'm gunna go with edgers. On the left, Atco edger with wooden handle, not the metal tubalar style like I've got, the two on the right, nice wood so I'm gunna guess not English, maybe American, planet Jr?? . Now I've got to look, I like this game. Maybe a special guess the mower section could be added to the site.