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WANTED, Atco Lawn Tractor 11/36 deck complete

Hi everyone,

I looked to see if there were any rules on posting wanted ads but couldn't find them so if not allowed please advise.

I've been on the hunt for a cutting deck to complete my 11/36 Atco Lawn Tractor for around 5 years now, with no success.

Picture for reference, that's her on the right.

even info on possible breakers of this type of kit or any useful info would be amazing. I mainly hunt on EBay and FB marketplace 

DJD Thu, 13/01/2022

Sorry I haven't got one to sell or give you but I do remember what they looked like, having serviced the vicar's one so many times, the deck seems to simply sit there on a fairly crude system of bent metal 'hooks' for want of a better description, nothing like the later 'trapeze' type mechanism of later machines, the deck is quite heavy too for such a small machine, most rotted out I believe and cost plus eventual unavailability of new ones made it almost impossible to replace.

Good luck with it anyway.

Fordson_Atco Fri, 14/01/2022

Thanks for the reply DJD

I may have to sit tight on this one in Ireland.

I do get out there with work so it's an option

Mowtown Mon, 17/01/2022

I have just read your search for the cutting deck.

I have either this or something that may do the job just sitting out of use on my local allotment.  It was on a tractor which I got from a fishing club to use pulling a trailer filled with road plaining material to maintain the allotment track.  I removed the cutter as not needed, also it was grounding on the high central area between tracks.

I will check out the cutter and tractor details, then get back to you shortly.

Ken, Ipswich 

Fordson_Atco Mon, 17/01/2022

Many Thanks Ken.

I will drop you an email