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'Which' magazine March 1960 issue - Best Buy Mowers

Hi folks. Saw a March 1960 copy of 'Which' magazine for sale on E Bay that had a feature on Lawn Mowers so bought it. I thought you might be interested in the mowers they considered to be the 'Best Buys' in their opinion at that time. They tested several different mowers by 41 hours of mowing with each machine on different types and lengths of grass at different heights of cutting during the apparently dry summer of 1959. Another set of tests were carried out later to check the mowers general condition and extent of wear along with the power mowers being tested for radio and TV interference. The results were: Best Buy Sidewheel the Suffolk Viceroy £4.17s 6d, Best Buy Roller Mower the Ransomes Ajax 4 £12.14s.4d and the Best Buy power mower was the Qualcast Powered Panther £25.14s.6d. Cheers. Rob

Clive1997 Sat, 12/02/2022

Hi Rob,

The Which reports are a good source of information, I have a couple & moving on to March 1969 they tested 16 rotary mowers. The mowers were tested on 3 different lengths of grass. They paid special attention to safety, referring to the many accidents in the USA where rotaries were more popular with two types of accident..

1) Laceration, or even amputation, of fingers & toes!

2) Injury caused by flying objects (for instance stones) thrown out by the mower, usually injuring the user, but sometimes bystanders. 

In their test they used 1in square wooden blocks the Flymo being the only one not to throw them out!

I have experienced this when mowing a rough bit of grass at the edge of the lawn at a golf club, didn't have the grass box on & a golf ball met my shin at quite a high speed!  I can't remember if I shouted FORE or perhaps another F word!

The value for money mowers selected by Which were.....

Suffolk Galaxy  £25 10s

Mountfield M4 £39 10s

Flymo Domestic £39 18s

Ladybird 12 Mk111 (electric) £23 12s 6d

Only ever seen one Ladybird Mk3 which I have, also the Galaxy doesn't turn up very often.  

(Rob, the Atco push mower has reached Wales, will be in touch)

John.Sutherland Thu, 17/02/2022

My first introduction into the world of sidewheel lawn mowers was the Suffolk Viceroy Mk2, three other variations followed shortly, why they are less favoured next to other known makers is beyond me judging by the number found for sale in recent months.

The Viceroy is a good lawnmower, the Suffolk Galaxy came up twice in the last two years, too far to travel, I think one was in Kent and the other in Wales or Scotland, can't remember, it matters not I have enough mowers to play with.