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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Why a New Britisher ?

Here are some photos of a very recent addition to my collection - a 12 inch 1940's Shanks New Britisher. I have seen many Shanks Britishers for sale in auction houses and auction websites in varying sizes and condition. I've even come across a few Britisher badges for sale amongst vintage cast iron badges for sale. So to the question I posed in the title : why a New Britisher ? I have not bought a Britisher and don't own one. However I didn't even realise there was a New Britisher until this one popped up for auction locally. Upon investigation and information given to me they are far less common than the Britisher having been made as an improvement and only manufactured for a few years. I now don't feel at all compelled to acquire a Britisher. This example is one reason this Club and its resources are so valuable - enabling me to research and discover this mower. Enjoy the photos. Ps I know the badge has fallen off at some point and been put back on the wrong side of the handle. It shows how recently I acquired it - yet to rectify lol

Clive1997 Fri, 06/08/2021

The reason we don't see many New Britishers compared with the Britisher is that  they were only produced for around 5yrs 1945 to 1950ish, with the original Britisher being sold for over 40yrs, 1896 to 1939.

The NB was not a great success with materials for blades & sole plates being in short supply due to the war, Shanks then utilised inferior materials that led to the mower having a bad reputation.

That said I have always liked the look of this machine & they are one of the rarer models and certainty played their part in mower history, a good addition to any collection.