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British Anzani Lawnrider

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Have just obtained 18" Lawn Rider, its generally complete and believe its restorable

Q1: Is the Villiers 125cc Engine model the 515H or is this the 150cc model?

Q2:  The recoil starter is a pile of bits and looks very much worse for wear, has anyone a replacement or part number or other model they were used on so I can purchase a replacement unit?

Q3: Are the magneto coils still available and if so who should i speak too?

Q4: The Clutch band is badly worn, any ideas where i can obtain replacement material?

Your help would be very much appriciated

Thank everyone   Mark



Alec Tue, 27/02/2024

Hi Mark, Congratulations on acquiring a Lawnrider. I am local to you in Ickenham. Thanks for your message via the forum, I have sent you a reply by email :-) My Lawnrider is also an 18" I think with the single front wheel. There is a useful mower place in West Hyde, called AA Sims - they also seem knowledgeable about old machines. Let me know if I can be of help or want to come and see it for reference. Cheers, Alec

wristpin Tue, 27/02/2024

The 515H is 150cc.

For coils and starter parts try Villiers Parts or L&S Engineers. The recoil starter was used on both the horizontal and vertical crank shaft models. 512, 515,505 & 507 but replacement parts are getting a bit thin on the ground.



Mark Chapman Wed, 28/02/2024

Thanks for input guys

Is it possible you can send me a pdf copy of the recoil starter diagram so I can print it for reference

many thanks


Mark Chapman Thu, 29/02/2024

Hello again

Is there an actual manual for the 'Villiers Lightweight 125cc Engines' is this also known as the 512H

If so is it possible to obtain a copy, obviously I am only to happy to re-inburse you for it.

Just as canned copy would be fine to help me get mine running again.

Do you also have information about the centrifugal clutch as think there might also be a spring missing

Many thanks in advance

Mark Chapman Sat, 02/03/2024

Thank you so much for the Recoil starter info very much appriciated, with a bit of luck I can rebuild it as i can now see all parts appear to be presend be it a bit rusty. The spring end are gone and wonder if i can re bend the hooked ends or will it just snap?

Any idea were i might get a new spring??

I have just received via ebay a Villiers Illustrated Parts List that covers the 512H engine, if anyone wants a copy I will scan and put on Dropbox 

Very best


Mark Chapman Sat, 02/03/2024

Hello again, again

Would you be able to share the previous page (s) regarding the recoil starter

Btw what manual is this taken from as would like to obtain a copy?

Only to happy to pay for it too even if its a digital copy

V Best


Clive1997 Sun, 03/03/2024

Hello Guys

Have a couple of instruction books as in images, also just received a 1965 18in that we plan to restore as it has original purchase receipt & other documents so great provenance. Not sure of exact date of instruction books but Green one was supplied with our mower when new, but it is a Mk3 with the updated height adjusters.

Let me know if you want copies or possibly an original.

Paul H you might want to comment on dates?

Mark Chapman Thu, 07/03/2024

Hi Clive

Thanks for images

My 18" doesnt have the updated knob adjuster shown on pictures, so assume its a Mk2 maybe?

The 'Improved' model with twin drive rollers is a later model again 

A scanned copy of relevant model manual would be great, or original if going spare, obviously I will pay for you.

Is ther a location of the serial No. ??? I have a note of a serial no, L18/1037 which came with mower documents but havent spotted location. presume this would enable dating the model.

Look forward to hearing form yu all again in due course

btw: contacted L&S who confirmed they had obtained all the remaining Villiers spares from Paul Childs following his retirement from Meetens

Glad someone has manage to retain this useful source of Villiers spares

Mark Chapman Thu, 07/03/2024

Hello again

Does anyone have the original colour references and British Anzani Lawnrider graphics


Is this a correct Logo image?

Clive1997 Sat, 09/03/2024

Hello Mark yes have a spare copy of the Green cover instruction book which we believe is for the earlier machine (will message direct re this), I note from some 1965 advertising leaflets that they refer to the Re-Modelled 18 & 24 Lawnrider Mk3 showing twin drive wheels & footbrake.

As to serial numbers, quite interesting, the number was on a foil tag just to the right of the engine looking down from the riding position, see image of ours. When I peeled back the remains of our top label which stated 18"/1001, it revealed L24/2244, so it would appear our mower had the wrong label initially applied but correct number as shown on invoice is LR/3/18/1001.

Hope ours isn't a shut & cut machine!!

Interesting that the pro-forma invoice was dated 11/6/64 but actually paid for & collected 3/4/1965, was there a waiting list, or perhaps made to order?

Do you have a date of purchase as our machines would appear to be only 36 apart, it may give an indication of sales levels.

Mark Chapman Sun, 10/03/2024

Hello again

Sadly no sign of serial number plate

Have scanned copy (Will rescan when I find what has made the stripping) of Operating Instructions I have which does seem to indicate it was provided with Lawnrider 18"Model   L18/1037 also mentions Lou 2175, may relate to a business reply order card also with this number with same handwriting maybe reference from possible seller 

Barton & Son Ironmongers