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Fuel pipe

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Some 30 years ago I replaced the fuel line on my 1950’s Atco Lightweight with a length of standard transparent plastic petrol hose.

It now needs replacing again.

I recall the original pipe I replaced was a transparent ribbed plastic hose with I believe a coil of wire inside to provide extra strength.

It would be nice to use this original style ribbed pipe again; does anybody know of a source for this?





sparkymike Sat, 18/05/2024

I did a quick search on Ebay under " reinforced plastic tube" and found  clear plastic pipe with coiled wire. That particular one only went down to 10mm. bore, so I guess not small enough for your purpose, but a wider search might give a result."

It said it was for fuel.water, aquarium etc.


sparkymike Sun, 19/05/2024

I typed in "Wire reinforced fuel pipe " on Ebay and found one seller with pipe down to 6mm inner diameter. From China, but probably where all the other sellers get their stock from !!


wristpin Sun, 19/05/2024

I think that the spring is just to stop the tube kinking / pinching on tight bends. I’ve made my own for critical situations using standard tube plus “by the foot” compression spring from the usual source